Ph.D Students

Requirements for the Ph.D.:

M.A average: 90 or more, thesis: 90 or more

The goal of the doctoral program in the Departmental of Middle Eastern Studies is to prepare students for the writing of a full-scale academic work of original research that makes a significant contribution to the field. Students must choose an advisor and submit a research proposal by the end of their first year.

Every doctoral student is required to attend a seminar and/or elective courses each year, as determined by the individual program and interests of each student, in consultation with the department. Similarly, language requirements depend on the individual program and research interests of the student, and the subject of his or her dissertation.

Students who meet the criteria of the University's Committee for the Doctoral Degree can pursue the Ph.D. program on a Direct Doctoral track immediately upon graduation from the B.A. program, with the approval of the Department Chairperson. If accepted, they must fulfill the course requirements of the Research M.A. program.