M.A. program

There are two M.A. tracks in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies: a research track, which includes the writing of an M.A. thesis, and a non-research track, which requires more coursework but does not include the writing of an M.A. thesis.

  Requirements for the Research M.A.:

The research M.A. is designed to train students to write a work of original scholarly research which makes a contribution to the field. Students are required to choose an advisor and to submit a research proposal by the end of their first year of study in the program.

In addition to the writing of the M.A. thesis, students are required to enroll in the following 6 courses:

1.      Introduction to Advanced Research in Middle Eastern History (2 yearly hours)

2.      An M.A. seminar (2 yearly hours)     

3.      2 M.A. courses (2 yearly hours)

4.      An elective course in the Department of Arabic (2 yearly hours)

5.      Persian or Turkish (4 yearly hours). Students who have already learned Persian or Turkish during their B.A. may substitute another departmental elective course (2 yearly hours) instead. Alternatively, they may choose instead to acquire the second of these languages.

Requirements for the Non-Research M.A.:

Students enrolled in the Non-Research M.A. program are required to enroll in 11 courses, including the following:

1.      The same six courses required above in the Research M.A. program.

2.      An additional M.A. seminar.

3.      Any other seminar within the department.

4.      2 graduate elective courses

5.      Any other two elective courses within the department.